New beginnings

I’ve been writing a blog called thelandroverownerswife for just over 8 years, although, to be honest, the last 12 months have, for the most part, been devoid of content and an update was long overdue. So the other day I popped in to post a catch-up article, and while it felt good to be writing again, the blog site itself proved bittersweet. There are too many memories associated with that blog and I had intended to work my way through the old content, archiving old posts but it’s too soon and much as I don’t regret for a moment the decision I took to move out of my home of 17 years, the memories which are contained within the posts and pages of my blog, are too precious to consign to an online archive not least because they document the childhood of my two youngest children and the courage and bloody-minded perseverance of my eldest child.

So I’m going to make a start on this blog. A new blog for a new beginning…… I just need to find something to write about now!